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The eyebrows add to his beauty.

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In adult age occipital region gets bald. The nose will be little bending like the parrot. Mental Tendencies : As Libra symbolizes balance Librans are level headed, they can maintain mental equilibrium, weigh the merits and demerits and pass dispassionate opinion.

Tula (Libra) Characterstics

They are best judges. While they debate, they excel other in comparing and contrasting. They are constructive critics. Venus the ruler of the sign makes the native courteous, modest and gentle.

They are always for a happy and harmonious life. They will not rub on the wrong side. They will purchase peace at any cost.

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They will be upright and sympathetic. Even when they lose temper they will soon be quite. They try to lead a pleasant life enjoying all fruits of life. They are fond of dress, perfumes, art and music. Photography, gardening, drawing, painting, embroidery etc, may be their hobbies. Being an airy sign they have fertile imagination, correct intuition, brilliant intellect, admirable refinement, supreme indemnity and pleasant nature.

They do not believe in hot discussions, but they will bring compromise in all controversial matters. This is the reason that they come to the fore front and become popular and prosperous. They like the company of opposite sex. As Librans are unassuming and amiable, others may try to fool them, they should deal with such associate carefully. Librans are always ready to forgive and forget. They may forgive but it is not wise to forget. Health and Disease : Normally the physical structure is good. But they do not have normal immunity and resistance against infectious diseases. The Libra rising people would be attached to their culture norms and family values and will respect them but they are flexible and adaptable as well for the changing environment.

They are usually well mannered and carry etiquettes and appear like wiser personalities besides which they are endowed with intellect and sharp composures of mind. There is also the presence of a judiciary vision in them for which they analyze things and keep on walking over the right path. Libra rising sign or Tula Lagna natives seek for all possible comforts at their place besides which they are the lovers of beauty and would wish their surroundings to be well adorned and organized though they are not strict for the same like Virgo natives.

Besides this, they will also pursue beautification of themselves as their dressing, hair style and make up will be among their best concerns. In the end, Libra people are bestowed with creative and artistic blend for which they would be somewhat involved in art and creative pursuits and would be interested in the same. Panel of Astrologers. Know more about our team of celebrity astrologers. We have experts in different areas of astrology in our team More..

Get the live telephonic consultation from our celebrity astrologers Get the answers of all the questions related to aspects by using Vedic Astrology principles answered by the team of Vedic astrologers in the 25,45 or 60 minutes astrology session. Know about the 10th house of birth chart This section comprehensively covers the significance of the 10th house of birth chart. This section explains the effects of having a good 10th house in person birth chart. How a person's profession, business, influence, professional success, popularity and higher designation are impacted by 10th house.

Libra Ascendant, Rising sign or Tula Lagna by indianastrologyhoroscope. But being lord of second house bhava - it also has malefic energy in the same. Jupiter or guru rules the third house bhava , so as Sagittarius dhanu rashi is the mooltrikona sign it has malefic energy, also the non mooltrikona sign of Pisces Meena Rashi rules the sixth house bhava of vighna or obstacles.

So Jupiter or guru is a malefic. Can Saturn or shani dev be malefic or may be benefit the Libra lagna people? In the kundli or Horoscope Birth chart ,Saturn shani rules the Kendra house bhava of fourth with Capricorn and also rules the angular or kona house bhava of fifth by Aquarius.

So Saturn is a benefic and Yoga karaka planet. What roles does Venus or shukra play for them? Is the planet of intelligence mercury Good or bad for Libra sign or Tula rashi people? Mercury budha sign Gemini Mithuna rules the ninth house bhava of luck and fortune and also the twelfth house bhava by Virgo sign Kanya rashi and a malefic house bhava.

So mostly it is a malefic with some positive energy. As mercury rules the ninth house bhava a strong angular house bhava so it could give a fair amount of positive energy as well. Chandra or moon is a malefic , but its relation with the lagan lord Venus shukra it gives benefic effects.

Predictions for each of your houses Libra ascendant or Tula rashi 1st house predictions The ascendant of Libra sign is ruled by Venus shukra and the next sign to it is scorpio ruled by mars or Mangal. The previous sign is ruled by Mercury Virgo or kanya rashi so Libra lagna is a sandwiched between Mercury and Mars sign.

Libra the most successful Lagna! Part II. Life tips from mindperzaqamil.tk – Hindu Vedic Astro

These both malefic aspects could create obstacles and problems in childhood to health for these people of Libra Lagna people. Libra Lagna makes them dress well look very nice beautiful plus good clothes.

About Libra

Libra ascendant or Tula rashi 2nd house predictions the second house of these Libra ascendant people is Rule By Scorpio sign that is ruled by Mars or Mangal. The 2nd house is sandwiched between Venus the lord of Libra sign and the 3rd house lord of Sagittarius sign. Plus because of the Saturn aspect speech needs some care. Libra ascendant or Tula rashi 3rd house predictions this 3rd house of theirs is ruled by Jupiter and this has mars or Mangal as the second House Lord and Capricorn ruled by Saturn as the 4th house Lord.

Libra ascendant or Tula rashi 4th house predictions The fourth house Libra ascendant people ruled by Capricorn sign makar rashi that is ruled by Saturn. The next sign is Aquarius ruled by Saturn or Shani dev. The 7th aspect or the 10th house is ruled by the benefic moon. This is the 10th House Lord.

It aspects this house so they may generally have a good mother. Sun the 11th house lord aspects in the 7th aspect to this 5th house Aquarius. Also there is an aspect of Saturn and mercury to the 6th house. The aspect of Saturn to the 6th bhava frees them from disease and also from debts.

But if Jupiter is very strong that means the debts are problems and their enemies may also be powerful.

Good and bad planets for Tula Lagna /libra ascendant

Libra ascendant or Tula rashi 7th house predictions Looking at The 7th house of the Libra ascendant people. That is fourth aspect of Aries mesha rashi. It also has 9th aspect of Pisces meena rashi that has lord Jupiter that rules the third bhava or house.